Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular and most visited attractions in Paphos. It main characteristic? It has glorious clean and clear waters and can literally see underneath. Blue Lagoon beach is located near Akamas which is north of Paphos city.

What to expect to see at Blue Lagoon?

The main characteristic of the beach is the crystal clear waters. Many people are amazed that they are able to see through the sea easily. Even when you are not inside the water you can clearly see the clean golden sand which provides a unique feeling and character to the place.

As mentioned above, the waters are extremely clear. But except from that, you can also enjoy the waters as most the times of the year are very warm. Many local people know that it is probably one of the warmest waters you can find in the city.

Since Blue Lagoon is not easily accessible by car, we are sure that this is a great chance to BOOK CRUISE. We are sure that you will have a fantastic time with family and friends and be able to enjoy such a beautiful place.

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