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Bath of Aphrodite

During your cruise to Blue Lagoon you will be able to see and enjoy the beauty of different places around Paphos. The first place you will be able to visit is the Bath of Aphrodite. It is one of the most famous attractions both for tourists but also for local people.

Bath of Aphrodite story

There is also a mythological story behind the famous baths which says that Aphrodite was making bath on the clear waters. But until recently people were using the baths to swim and have fun. But since the specific place has been declared as protected, people are not allowed to access the pool. They can enjoy the beauty of the place and of course take some photos.

Tourist Attraction

Bath of Aphrodite became one of the most popular attractions for tourists. Many tour organizers are visiting the place not only because its beauty. There is also an interesting story for the place which attracts many people from different countries.

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